Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming


"Justinbet" supports the generation playing online games by offering them a variety of games and entertainment. We take responsibility for our products.

Justinbet's goal is to offer adults the safest and most innovative gaming platform in the world. Net and safe products enable each player to play according to their financial situation and provide high-quality service. Honesty, fairness, and reliability are Justinbet's core business principles. Justinbet does its best to avoid and reduce gambling problems that may arise as a result of improper gaming behavior. It also respects the rights of those who participate in games of chance for rational reasons such as entertainment.

Responsible gaming at Justinbet is based on three fundamental principles: safety of players, security of the game, and protection against game addiction. We work with research institutions, associations, and therapy institutions to create a responsible, safe and reliable game framework.

                Safety of Players


We take responsibility for the safety of our players. We are working on the protection of players, firstly to prevent the participation of minors and secondly, to protect the privacy of players (including personal information and responsibility for payment transactions). The fairness and random nature of the products are audited by independent institutions. Marketing communication is also geared towards the protection of players: communication with players is transparent and understandable.


Protection against game addiction: research-prevention-intervention


The majority of players who play sports betting, casino bets, and other games are restrained in entertainment. Although some habits and behavioral patterns (such as shopping, playing sports, eating, or consuming alcohol) are considered normal, some individuals develop addiction and cause problems. Likewise, sports betting and gambling cause problems for a small fraction of the members (players).

Members with gambling addiction are prohibited from participating in games. Also, members are provided with contact information of organizations where they can get professional help and support.

Taking responsibility for the individual is the most sustainable (permanent) form of protection.

According to the basic principle of who has the responsibility and final decision on whether the player will play or not and how much money he will spend, the decision and responsibility belong to the member himself. The most effective form of protection from addiction is when the player takes responsibility for himself. JustinBet oversees this responsibility by providing transparent products, complete information, and an open communication channel to its members.

Protection of minors


Justinbet does not allow minors (18 years of age and under) to play and bet. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm that the age of the majority has been reached and to indicate the date of birth during registration. Justinbet takes serious consideration of minors' gambling and betting. We also rely on the support of families and professionals to offer the best possible protection for minors. Please keep your account login information in a safe place (username and password).


Moreover, we recommend that you install the filtering software. This allows you to block access to internet resources that are unsuitable for children and adolescents.




Justinbet offers a variety of games and bets, a form of entertainment, to its members. At the same time, the company takes responsibility by providing support to its members in a safe and enjoyable environment, taking into account the associated risk factors.


Members who have difficulty in assessing risks, determining their limits, and who are adversely affected by gambling addiction cannot have fun responsibly and do not perceive it as a form of entertainment. JustinBet takes responsibility by blocking these members' access to their accounts.


To inform about basic issues


Many people play for pleasure. Participation in games appropriately within the financial capacity of the individual is acceptable behavior. However, for a small proportion of gamblers, gambling is not a form of entertainment, but a challenge that needs serious consideration.


What is the problematic (problematic) game behavior?


Behaviors that affect the lifestyle, job, financial status, or health of an individual or their family are considered problematic behaviors. Prolonged gameplay leads to negative consequences.


In the 1980s, pathological game addiction was officially defined and took its place in the psychological diseases list in the international classification systems DSM-IV and ICD-10. Debt is defined as the tendency to play games that are long-term, repetitive, and often increase their strength despite negative personal and social situations such as breaks in family relationships and interruption of professional development.


In what situations the individual's behavior is addictive